Our meetings are generally held the first Thursday evening of each month unless otherwise noted below. The meeting announcement and agenda is sent to members via email. If you are not presently receiving email announcments, you may add your name to the mailing list by clicking this email link sign up here. Upcoming meeting dates and times, as well as agenda topics are listed below and are subject to change. Please visit this calendar page for updates.

Upcoming Meetings

Denver Area Filemaker User Group

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Meeting Notice

Attention: DAFMUG members and interested public.

At long last, we are returning to in-person meetings again. We are pleased to announce the DAFMUG Team has found a local venue where attendees can meet face-to-face on an infrequent basis, and enjoy a meal together. We are in the process of exploring more restaurant options. We are planning several meetings with different venues throughout the coming year. We will continue to offer virtual meetings on so remote attendees can join us online via Zoom.

Join Our Zoom Meeting (RSVP if you haven't already done so)

To join us online, please send your email request with the subject: DAFMUG Online Meeting Access RSVP. Send us your full name and the email address you plan to use for connection on Thursday, September 7, 2023 at 7:00 PM. Send your email message to this link. Those of you who have already responded to our team's invitation last month, we've got you covered. For those who respond and accept the invitation to join, we will provide complete details for joining with instructions to connect in a separate email. Help will be provided if you are having difficulty connecting.

Reminder: meeting dates are FIRST THURSDAY each month

Members are invited to gather at the current venue for a meal starting at 6:00 pm. Meetings will begin at 7 pm and run until 9 pm on Zoom and in-person. New meeting invitations with connection details will be emailed to members who already RSVPd to be added to the invitation list.

October 5 Meeting Agenda

Meeting Update

Our meeting at Evergreen Brewery was a success. Despite low attendance, we covered several business items and had lively discussion with folks on Zoom. It looks like we will probably be meeting at restaurants whenever we can secure a venue that has stable, fast broadband service and a private meeting space with reasonable food. We’re still looking for additional venues with adequate facilities. Evergreen Brewery is still a top choice, because we have a small private room with large TV, good food. We’ll need to work around ski season for future events at this location. Attendees discussed the possibility of restaurant venues 4-5 times each year with the limitation of free room use for quiet WiFi reception, and meal service. Stay tuned and check DAFMUG web site often for updates and announcements.

Pause On Error Recap Live (remotely hosted)

The October 5 meeting will be on Zoom. Dean will be attending Pause On Error Summer Camp held at Kaplan Mitchell Retreat Center in Clayton, Georgia. You can find the event details page here: Camp 2023 | Pause. Dean will be sharing the latest FileMaker discussions with experts attending. He plans to host the DAFMUG online discussion remotely. Due to time difference, we should be able to connect at 7:00 pm, our usual time (9pm EDT). If you’re having trouble connecting, please be patient, as there may be unforeseen technical challenges for remote hosting.

Sessions Request (now accepting member submittals)

We've had a couple abbreviated version of meeting presentation called the "Session” format. It’s similar to a full presentation, but informal and more compact. It requires very little in terms of preparation. Session activities are meant to describe a narrow focus topic. Examples include:

  • implementing an auto-enter field with custom validation scheme when editing (script triggers)
  • a scripting technique that evaluates multiple params to allow/disable the editing of a record (state qualification)
  • a scripted technique to restrict editing of a field value exclusively to the owner of the record (login ID)
  • record isolation when editing a record (script trigger)
  • scripted interactions with FileMaker Server

We are now accepting submittals for Sessions. We are asking members to consider something practical to share with the group. All members appreciate learning from each other. This is a good opportunity to share a special feature that’s simple enough to implement in any project. And it’s typically loads of fun to discover new uses for a simple technique while sharing with the group.

We encourage your submissions at any time for future meetings. Send your submittals to with the subject: "DAFMUG Presentation" together with 1) title of Session; 2) a brief description of the purpose and expected value to designing a project. The description should be suitable to put into a meeting announcement. To submit your session or any presentation, send your proposal to this link with the subject: "DAFMUG Presentation."


The group has new presentations, workshops on specific topics, demos of new products and tools at each monthly meeting. We are reaching out to the community. Your participation is welcome.

Please check this web page for future event updates concerning collaboration options and meeting venue announcements.

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