Our History

DAFMUG, Denver Colorado's support group for FileMaker Pro developers and users has been a fixture in Colorado for over 30 years. Our past President, Cindy Bacher, has been a mainstay of the organization for over 16 years. We started out meeting in east Denver at a popular technology center. In 2001 we decided to give our folks on the west side of town a break and moved to our venue to an occupational training center near the western foothills. Our previous meeting site was Colorado School of Healing Arts, located in Lakewood. Our latest meeting location has been at Perkins Restaurant & Bakery located at 1995 S. Colorado Blvd, Denver, Colorado (southwest corner of I-25 and Colorado Blvd at Buchtel). However, due to risks of coronavirus, we are currently meeting online. See Calendar for details.


Although anyone may attend our meetings, Membership in DAFMUG is a privilege with associated benefits. To receive email announcements you must sign up on the mailing list.*

The Flip Side

That said, it must be noted that we're not all business! One of the prime functions of our User Group is to socialize. Our attendees often hang around long past our official "closing time" to continue discussions brought forth during our meetings, network with other users and developers, and to just plain old gab! After all, if it's not fun why do it?

Remember that we're here to help all users and developers, regardless of abilities, to fully maximize FileMaker Pro to it's advantages. Come grow with us and have a good time doing it!

*If you are not presently receiving email announcments, you may add your name to the mailing list by clicking this email link sign up here.

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